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  • Unlocking the full potential of CuraConnect, the Ultimaker S5 cluster can scale with your needs and produce the high quality parts Ultimaker is known for, from multiple printers at the same time, with minimal operator upkeep.

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  • Ultimaker S5 Cluster
    Ultimaker S5 Cluster
    The Ultimaker Cluster is a scalable turnkey solution, configurable to suit your FFF production needs.
    Start with as few as 3 of Ultimaker's industry-leading 3D Printers, and add on as many as you need.
    Choose your starting materials and additional print cores to suit your application.
    Installation, training, and expanded service options are available.
    • 3 Ultimaker S5
    • Your choice of materials
    • - 3 Spools of speciality material
    (Choose from ABS, CPE/CPE+, Nylon, PC, PP, TPU 95A, Tough PLA, PVA, and Breakaway)
    • - 6 Spools of PLA in colors of your choice
    • 2 Print cores
    (Choose from print Core AA 0.80 / 0.40 / 0.25 mm, and print core BB 0.80 / 0.40 mm)
    • Discount on materials
    • Installation
    • - System installation
    • - Cura connect setup
    • Training
    • Executive service plan
    • - 1 additional service visit within 12 months
    • - In addition to our pro service plan

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