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  • Meet the Builder Extreme range. The Builder Extreme is an affordable large scale FFF 3D printer which is available in three different sizes. Despite its big print volume, there is no loss in print quality.

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    Meet the Builder Extreme 3D printers


    The Builder Extreme 3D printers are one of the biggest FDM industrial and professional large scale 3D printers available today. With 3 different build volumes there will be a Builder Extreme 3D printer which meets your personal requirements. The different build volumes are as follows:

    Builder Extreme 1000
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    Dual-Feed Build Size:
    700 x 700 x 820 mm (LxWxH)

    Download Builder 1000 brochure (pdf)
    Builder Extreme 1500
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    Dual-Feed Build Size:
    1100 x 500 x 820 mm (LxWxH)

    Download Builder 1500 brochure (pdf)

    The Builder Extreme is a fully closed machine which comes with a heated bed, on-board camera and Builder's own developed Dual-Feed extruder. The Dual-Feed extruder is one of the most versatile extruders on the market. It is able to print mono, dual and color-mixed objects.

    extreme1000 boat

    This yacht was printed on the Builder Extreme 1000 in PLA (picture was taken after support material was removed).


    Business case


    Due to its reliability and big print volume, the Builder Extreme is used by well-known enterprises in order to speed up the production development process by 3D printing 1:1 scale prototypes. Saneux is a leading company in the bathroom manufacture industry using the Builder Extreme 1000 to be able to print 1:1 sized basins and toilets. From outsourcing prototype, which took several weeks and thousands of euros, to 3D printing prototypes in their own factory for $300-600 (material costs only).


    This 1:1 basin was printed on the Builder Extreme 1000 in PRO1 (picture was taken after support material was removed).


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